La Cooperativa de la Frontera


Who Are We?

We are members and friends of La Cooperative de la Frontera, The Border Cooperative, serving women and children and their families from Southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico.  We are mothers and daughters and grandmothers who are learning new artisan skills and building a community of compassion, justice and sustainability.  We are women and men from all over New Mexico and beyond who support the work of The Border Cooperative.  We are retired school teachers, business people, chaplains, soldiers, and priests.  We are carpenters and farmers, and counselors.  We are social service workers and artists, weavers and quilters.  We are volunteers who believe in the dignity of every human being and who are dedicated to peace and justice and the right use of all our talents and resources.  We are old and young, rich and poor, people from every race, culture, creed and political persuasion all bearing witness to our commonness and connection dedicated to living a life of contemplation, service, generosity, simplicity and right action.  We support sustainable economic opportunities for all people that will ensure environmental sustainability for the earth.

Why Are We Here?

We are here because we want to make a difference.  We want to relieve suffering where ever possible.  We share a common belief that we are not separate, we are not alone, and we are not dispensable:  every person, every creature, every plant, every star and stone, every dragon fly and cactus are important and belong.  We are here because we want to practice getting along—do we always get it right?  No, but we forgive and move on, and try again.  We are all students and teachers here.  We are all rich and poor here.  We have no answers, only questions and a sincere desire to learn from one another. 

What Are We Doing About It?

We are showing up.  We are participating as a student or teacher or volunteer.  We are giving away and recycling everything extra from our closets, kitchens, sewing rooms, and garages.  We are donating money to the micro-loan programs.  We are telling our friends, our families, our clubs and co-workers about the needs at the Mexican Border.  We are receiving the newsletter on e-mail and sending it on to our family and friends.